New Software for GTN Series Now Available And More Models on AML STC

GTN1Garmin is pleased to announce that new, feature filled software updates to the GTN family are now available with approval of the AML STC. This software (V3.0) will provide new capabilities that further enhance the flying experience by minimizing pilot workload and providing even greater situational awareness. We are also announcing the addition of several aircraft to the GTN AML STC as well as a handy reference tool that summarizes available Garmin and non-Garmin owned STCs on various Garmin solutions.

New Features in GTN V3.0 Software
The new features for the GTN Software include display support for the Garmin GWX 68,
GWX 70, GSR 56, and the new GDL 88 ADS-B receiver.
Some notable advancements are listed below:

•    Weather radar capability*, including overlay on the moving map
•    Advanced support for GWX 70 Doppler Weather Radar
•    Optional Turbulence Detection enablement and Clutter Suppression enablement
•    Advanced ADS-B capabilities including GDL 88 support**
•    Weather display
•    Traffic display including TargetTrend™
•    Worldwide connectivity via the GSR 56
•    Weather
•    Voice calling
•   Text messaging
•    Cross fill with the GNS 430W/530W series***
•    The ability to graphically edit direct-to legs
•    The ability to sort airway exit points geographically
•    Bigger, bolder and more relevant airspace plus the Smart Airspace feature
•    Improved European airspace display control

*  Third party weather radar support is now expected in software version 3.01 in Q1 2013
** GDL 88 AML STC is expected to become available in approximately two weeks
***An upgrade to GNS version 5.0 software, expected to be available in Q1 2013, is required for enabling GNS cross fill functionality.

GTN AML STC Aircraft Additions and Garmin Solutions STC Summary
Garmin is happy to announce we have added 35 new models to the GTN’s AML STC. See page 2 for the full list of new aircraft. Please reference the GTN AML STC for complete list of aircraft models and other detailed information.

Additionally, we summarized a complete list of available STC’ s for Garmin solutions both owned by Garmin and other organizations. This is now available for your convenience on the Dealer Resource Center. Please check back regularly for additional information, the list will be updated quarterly. If you have any questions about the STC’s or GTN’s software V3.0, please contact Me:


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