Garmin G500H Data Card Discount Program

January 5, 2016

Garmin G500H Data Card Discount Programg500h

Two ways to receive a reduced price supplemental data card!

Garmin is pleased to announce two new programs for customers to upgrade their existing supplemental data card for a G500H system. With the latest version of the GDU software (version 7.01), a new supplemental data card is required. The new supplemental data cards (part numbers 010-00769-A[x]) will replace existing supplemental data cards (010-00769-4[x]). The supplemental data card contains aviation databases, including FliteCharts, Terrain, SafeTaxi, Airport Directory, and Obstacle databases.

The new supplemental data cards are available to ship with new G500H system orders. Please consider STC software requirements before placing an order including one of the new cards. Garmin has two options for customers who are required to upgrade to the new supplemental data card for their existing installation:

Option 1 – Trade In an Existing Supplemental Data Card

For customers who already own a G500H, an existing 010-00769-4(x) supplemental data card can be traded in for a new, pre-programmed 010-00769-A(x) supplemental data card for a discounted price of $199.00. This trade-in program will be available until Sep 1, 2016.

To take advantage of this option, the dealer will be charged upfront for a new supplemental data card. Once the old supplemental data card is received, the charge will be credited, less the $149.25 dealer price.

Pick the desired database card (choose one):

Part Number* Database Existing**
010-00769-AA Americas-North, Supp DBs (2.5AS Terr) 010-00769-4A
010-00769-AB Americas-South, Supp DBs (2.5AS Terr) 010-00769-4B
010-00769-AC Atlantic-North, Supp DBs (2.5AS Terr) 010-00769-4C
010-00769-AD Atlantic-South, Supp DBs (2.5AS Terr) 010-00769-4D
010-00769-AE Pacific-North, Supp DBs (2.5AS Terr) 010-00769-4E
010-00769-AF Pacific-South, Supp DBs (2.5AS Terr) 010-00769-4F

*Required for software version 7.01 or later. Please verify approved software version prior to order and installation.

**Required for software version 6.21 or earlier. Please verify approved software version prior to order and installation.

Exchange Process:

Transaction Type Part Number List Price
New supplemental data card sent to dealer 010-00769-A(x) $595.00
Old supplemental data card returned from dealer 010-00769-4(x) -$396.00
Net price $199.00
Option 2 – Purchase a Blank Supplemental Data Card

The second option available is to purchase a blank data card for your G500H system. These cards are not pre- programmed with aviation databases. This option is perfect for customers who just need the new data card and already have a database subscription or need an additional supplemental data card as a spare.

There are no pre-requisites required to qualify for this option, simply order as many blank data cards as desired. To better serve customers, this option currently has no expiration date and is expected to be available going forward.

Device Original Part Number Blank Data Card Part Number List Price
G500H 010-00769-4(x) 010-01431-01 $99.00

For questions regarding this program, please contact us at


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