January 18, 2016

SUBJECT: G500H System, New interfaces and upgrades provided by GDU 620 Software Version 7.01


G500H systems installed in Bell 206/407 aircraft under STC SR02295LA with GDU Software Version 5.01 or earlier (STC SR02295LA-R Master Drawing List Rev 5 or earlier) are affected.


STC SR022295LA for installation of G500H in Bell 206/407 aircraft Master Drawing List Revision 6 is released and FAA approved. This revision of MDL contains data which approves installation of GDU 602 v7.01 software and additional interfaces to the G500H system.
GDU 620 software updated from v5.01 to v7.01. This updated software includes the following:

  • Enhanced MFD graphics and terrain resolution
  • New MFD functions:
  • Smart Airspace
  • Display of powerlines on moving map and terrain pages
  • Declutter of obstacles based on relative altitude
  • Simultaneous display of topographic and terrain data on the moving map
  • GeoReferenced Flite Charts
  • Range to altitude arc
  • Improved depiction of terrain/obstacle/powerlines alerts
  • Full screen display of external video
  • New PDF functions:
  • Timer/Clock
  • LP-V approach annunciation
  • Pilot selectable OAT units (SAT, TAT, ISA).
  • New powerline alerting when Synthetic Vision is enabled
  • New GDL 69 datalink weather products (Icing, Turbulence, AIREP/PIREP, and Canadian NEXRAD, METARS, Winds Aloft, and TAF)
  • New optional 100 ft radar altitude aural callout

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