Model                            Appliance P/N
GPS 400W                   011-01057-( )
GNC 420W                   011-01058-( )
GNC 420AW                011-01059-( )
GNS 430W                   011-01060-( )
GNS 430AW                 011-01061-( )
GPS 500W                    011-01062-( )
GPS 500W TAWS        011-01063-( )
GNS 530W                    011-01064-( )
GNS 530W TAWS        011-01065-( )
GNS 530AW                  011-01066-( )
GNS 530AW TAWS     011-01067-( )


GNS 400W/500W Series Main Software version 5.10 includes the following changes:

•    Added support for advisory vertical guidance for LP approaches (LP+V).

•    Added support for displaying ADS-B traffic on the Navigation Map page when no heading source is installed or valid.

•    Increased the maximum range on the Traffic page to 24 NM to support the GTS 800.

•    Resolved an issue with the lateral CDI scaling as described in Service Advisory 1344, “LPV and LNAV/VNAV Approach Full Scale Deflection.”

•    Resolved an issue with approaches with a glide slope of zero as described in Service Advisory 1372 “Unavailable RNAV (GPS) approaches due to lack of VDA.”

•    Resolved an issue where the CDI could indicate cross-track error on the opposite side of the course when a turn was active and the cross-track was very large. This corrects the issue described in Service Advisory 1352, “Incorrect Course During Turn Transition.”


35 years component-level Aviation/Electronics repair/Avionics retrofit experience. FCC General Radiotelephone with Ship Radar. Navcom-Audio, Transponder-Pulse-Radar, Autopilot expertise. IT Administration since 1983. Private Pilot since 1986. CAD designer since 1990. FAA Certified Repair Station Chief Inspector since 1994. Started 3 Avionics Shops. College: Business Administration/Marketing. Motorcycle enthusiast. 6 year USAF Veteran, Ground Radio Equipment Technician (30474, E-5). WordPress novice.

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