GTN 6XX/7XX Software Upgrade to Main Software Version 5.13 and GMA 35 Audio Software Version 3.10


Optional: This Service Bulletin may be incorporated at the owner’s discretion and is not warranty reimbursable.


This Service Bulletin announces the availability of GTN 6XX/7XX Main Software Version 5.13 and GMA 35 Software Version 3.10, GMA 35 ARC Database Version 3.10, and GMA Region List Version 3.10.

GTN 6XX/7XX Main Software Version 5.13 contains the following changes from Version 5.00:

  • Added support for Flight Stream 210 Connext™
  • Added FastFind predictive flight plan entry
  • Added support for Flight Plan importing through Connext or the data card
  • Added support for Database SYNC
  • Added support for WireAware™ (wire-strike avoidance technology) for Hazardous Obstacle Transmission (HOT) lines and power lines.
  • Added airspace altitude overlay on the moving map
  • Added Simple Frequency Entry for COM and NAV frequencies (leading “1” and trailing zero(s) not required)
  • Added display of station identifiers for active and standby COM and NAV frequencies
  • Added ability for data fields to be configured to display radial and distance to the tuned VOR
  • Added ability for the data fields on the map page of the GTN 6XX/7XX and the default navigation page within the GTN 6XX to be configured as shortcuts for nearly all of the pages within the GTN
  • Added support for user-defined Checklists
  • Added ability to configure the color of the ownship icon to enhance visibility
  • Removed ADS-B fault annunciation nuisance alerts prior to obtaining GPS fix
  • Added configuration for transponder 1090ES ADS-B Out option to be set On, Off, or Pilot Select

The following service documents have been resolved:

  • Service Advisory 1344: Corrected issue where CDI (Course Deviation Indicator)/HSI (Horizontal Situation Indicator) scaling on a limited number of LPV and LNAV/VNAV approaches was incorrect
  • Service Advisory 1363: Corrected issue where user-modified published procedures saved by the operator as part of a stored flight plan could be corrupted after updating the Navigation Databas
  • Installation Bulletin 1365: Corrected issue that required configuring ARINC 429 data ports to transmit data for multiple devices using a single output channel
  • Service Advisory 1372: Corrected issue where RNAV approaches are unavailable for selection when the approach includes LP minima and also has no published vertical descent angle (VDA)
  • Service Advisory 1409: Corrected issue where the GTN display may occasionally exhibit a momentary flicker
  • Service Advisory 1473: Corrected issue where the range of a no-bearing traffic alert (TA) does not upda

GMA 35 Audio Software Version 3.10/GMA ARC Database Version 3.15/GMA Region List Version 3.10 contain the following changes from Audio Software Version 3.08/GMA Region List Version 2.00:

  • Added support for GMA 35 to allow co-pilot to be treated as a passenger
  • Added support for GMA 35 configurable discretes
  • Added support to configure GMA 35 receiver 5 as a passenger mic input
  • Allow co-pilot to hear monitored COM frequencies when the co-pilot is isolated from the pilot

The following GTN units are affected:

Model Appliance P/N
GTN 625 011-02254-00
GTN 635 011-02255-00
GTN 650 011-02256-( )
GTN 725 011-02281-00
GTN 750 011-02282-( )
GMA 35 011-02299-00

Service Advisory 1409: Corrected issue where the GTN display may occasionally exhibit a momentary flickerService Advisory 1473: Corrected issue where the range of a no-bearing traffic alert (TA) does not update

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