GARMIN GTX 320A to be Discontinued and XL and GPSMAP 495/496

Effective June 30, 2011, Garmin will discontinue production of the GTX 320A transponder. As a reminder, both the XL Series of Navigators and GPSMAP 495, 496, and 96 will be discontinued at the end of the year. Orders can still be placed, while supplies last, until each product’s discontinuation date as outlined within the tables below. We are no longer accepting new orders for the GPSMAP 496 Atlantic unit, 010-00578-01. Additional details for the GPSMAP discontinuation can be found within the original marketing memo communication. Please book any known orders as soon as possible to help ensure availability. All discontinuations include their respective NOH derivative products. Garmin will continue to support and service units that are in the field for the foreseeable future. We will keep you informed of our abilities to support and service all discontinued units while critical components are still available.

GTX 320A Transponder

Description    Part Number    Discontinue Date
GTX 320A    010-00247-02    6/30/2011

XL Series Navigators

Description    Part Number    Discontinue Date
GNC250XL,Standard    010-00122-00    12/31/2010
GNC300XL,Standard    010-00161-00    12/31/2010
GPS150XL,Standard    010-00137-00    12/31/2010
GPS155XL,Standard    010-00159-00    12/31/2010


Description                                                                                                     Product Number    Discontinue Date
GPSMAP 496 with Americas Base Map and Americas database                    010-00578-00    12/31/2010
GPSMAP 496 with Atlantic Base Map and Atlantic database                    010-00578-01    12/10/2010
GPSMAP 495 with Americas Base Map and Americas database                    010-00573-00    12/31/2010
GPSMAP 495 with Atlantic Base Map and Atlantic database                    010-00573-01    12/31/2010
GPSMAP 495 with Pacific Base Map and Pacific database                    010-00573-02    12/31/2010
GPSMAP 96 with Americas Lite Routable Base Map and Americas Database    010-00383-00    12/31/2010
GPSMAP 96 with Pacific Lite Routable Base Map and Pacific Database        010-00383-02    12/31/2010
GPSMAP 96 RoHS w/Atlantic Lite Routable Base Map & Atlantic Database    010-00383-03    12/31/2010


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