Garmin discontinues repairs to GPS III Pilot and GTX320 transponder

Discontinued Repair on GPS III Pilot and GTX 320

Effective October 15, 2010, all versions of the GPS III Pilot will no longer be repaired due to parts availability issues.

Affected Part Numbers

011-00315-00 GPS III Pilot, Americas (010-00125-00)

011-00315-01 GPS III Pilot, Intl, Atlantic (010-00125-01)

011-00315-01 GPS III Pilot, Intl, Pacific (010-00125-02)

011-00315-00 GPS III Pilot, Americas – North (010-00125-05)

011-00315-00 GPS III Pilot, Americas – South (010-00125-06)

011-00315-01 GPS III Pilot, Eur/Eastern Eur (010-00125-07)

011-00315-01 GPS III Pilot, Middle East/Afr (010-00125-08)

011-00315-01 GPS III Pilot, South Pac (010-00125-09)

Notice of pending discontinuation of repair for GTX 320 units

Effective April 30, 2011, the following versions of the GTX 320 are slated to no longer be able to be serviced due to parts availability issues. We strongly encourage all of our dealers to send in for repair any customer units that may be in need of service as soon as possible to ensure parts availability.

Affected Part Numbers

011-00259-00 GTX 320 w/ Trim (010-00135-00/03)

011-00259-10 GTX 320 w/o Trim (010-00135-10/11)


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