Garmin Adds GXM 42 Capability to GPSMAP 696

New Part Numbers and Pricing for the GPSMAP 696

gpsmap696Garmin revealed the release of new part numbers and software for all GPSMAP 696 products supporting GXM 42. This software enables the use of Garmin’s GXM 42  antenna for the GPSMAP 696. The GXM 42 is a portable SiriusXM Aviation weather receiver that allows pilots to use new weather services at a lower subscription level and is made available by SiriusXM’s satellite network.

Software version 7.10, which adds GXM 42 capability to the GPSMAP 696, is available today. New units will ship from Garmin with this software version. Also, this software is available for fielded units and can be updated via the WebUpdater program found on Garmin’s website. The GPSMAP 696 will continue to support the GXM 40 with this new software version.

The GPSMAP 696 joins the Aera 560, 510, and 796 as Garmin portable products that utilize the new GXM 42 antenna. Similar to the Aera navigators, the GPSMAP 696 will be available without the SXM antenna in the box. This allows users another option when deciding how to outfit their purchase for their particular mission.  Beginning today, the GPSMAP 696 will only be available without the GXM antenna in the box.

The GXM 42 is the latest edition to a vast lineup of weather antenna receivers that offer state-of-the-art SiriusXM data reception. Pilots will find more weather products available in the lower subscription tier than with the earlier service. The base service now includes lightning, cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground activity, graphical winds aloft, temperatures aloft, AIRMETS, and SIGMETS. Similar to earlier generation antennas, the GXM 42 offers important weather products such as radar, aviation routine weather reports (METARs), terminal aerodrome forecasts (TAFs), temporary flight restrictions (TFRs), lightning, turbulence forecasts, and more. Data subscriptions and coverage area information are available from.

GMxThe GXM 42 is currently available for purchase starting at $599.00. SiriusXM is currently offering a $300.00 VISA card incentive for new customers. Additionally, activation fees have been lowered to $25.00 and discounts are available to customers who choose to prepay for annual subscriptions with SiriusXM.

GXM 42 and GPSMAP 696 Pricing


Part Number Description OLD Price Your Price
010-00667-42 GPSMAP 696 Americas, Without XM Antenna $1,699.00 $1499.00 [add_to_cart=71962]
010-01173-00 GXM 42 SiriusXM Receiver $699.00 $599.00 [add_to_cart=72065]

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