G500H STC Program for Robinson R44 Helicopter

Garmin is excited to announce that work is underway on a project to obtain a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installation of the Garmin G500H glass cockpit in the Robinson R44 helicopter. Once completed, any authorized Garmin dealer can install the G500H in an R44 in accordance with FAA guidelines. In order to accomplish the installation,  a separate PMA parts kit will be available for purchase. The STC will cover all models of the R44 helicopter.

R44s presently equipped with a 10-hole instrument panel  will be able to install the G500H display directly into the instrument panel. R44s equipped with seven- or nine-hole instrument panels will be able to install Garmin’s PMA’d  parts kit that will replace the instrument panel assembly  with a new Garmin-designed assembly optimized for G500H. This new instrument panel assembly puts the G500H display within easy reach and view of the pilot yet is small enough to optimize the view outside of the cockpit.

g600The G500H is an all-glass avionics system designed specifically for the VFR Part 27 helicopter market.  The primary flight display (PFD) shows attitude, airspeed, vertical speed, altitude and course/heading information, and the multi-function display (MFD) has detailed moving map graphics with the helicopter’s current position in relation to terrain, chart data, navaids, and flight plan routings. The system offers options like Helicopter Synthetic Vision Technology (HSVT), XM WX Satellite Weather with US/Canada NEXRAD radar, worldwide weather plus voice calling and position reporting via Iridium, the ability to display video from a forward looking infrared (FLIR) camera or other video sources, and a helicopter- specific database with over 7,000 heliports and nearly 30,000 additional low-altitude obstacles in   addition to the already extensive obstacle database found in the fixed-wing G500 system.

Garmin anticipates receiving the STC for the Robinson R44 in the fourth quarter of 2011.


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