Flightstream AirSatOne

flightstream_how_it_worksWant a faster, more cost-effective SatCom connection to the internet? You need to get AirSatOne’s Flightstream AOC.
Laptops, I-pads, Tablet Computers & Smartphones are made to work using a ground-based connection to the internet.  The way these devices send and receive data are not efficient for use over a satellite network which results in slow web browsing and they use more data than necessary resulting in higher airtime cost. The Flightstream AOC converts the data to a format that is optimized for use going through satellites. This conversion technique is not included on any aviation SatCom system and requires an external device such as the Flightstream AOC (List Price $6,930).

AirSatOne offers a 30-day trial period for the Flightstream AOC. If you are not happy with the equipment simply return it for a full refund. To date we have not had any units returned and have many satisfied customers.

The Flightstream AOC has been tested by many of the major SatCom hardware manufactures and has been approved for use over Inmarsat, Iridium and ViaSat Yonder satellite networks. The unit is compatible with all aircraft SatCom systems. We have different options available; our latest unit is able to connect to your existing Wi-Fi system wirelessly making installation as easy as configuring your existing Wi-Fi and plugging the Flightstream AOC in to a 120 V outlet.


35 years component-level Aviation/Electronics repair/Avionics retrofit experience. FCC General Radiotelephone with Ship Radar. Navcom-Audio, Transponder-Pulse-Radar, Autopilot expertise. IT Administration since 1983. Private Pilot since 1986. CAD designer since 1990. FAA Certified Repair Station Chief Inspector since 1994. Started 3 Avionics Shops. College: Business Administration/Marketing. Motorcycle enthusiast. 6 year USAF Veteran, Ground Radio Equipment Technician (30474, E-5). WordPress novice.

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