BendixKing Announces KI 300 Electronic Attitude Indicator

July 20, 2015

Affordable, easy to install, solid state replacement for the KI-series gyros features battery backup and compatibility with BendixKing autopilots

OSHKOSH, Wis.–Bendix-King is in the final certification stages of a solid state attitude indicator that’s designed as an affordable alternative to its legacy mechanical attitude indicators. The new KI 300 improves operational safety and reliability by replacing the pneumatic-driven attitude system found in most general aviation aircraft with modern attitude and heading reference systems-based technology. The new KI 300 is expected to be available late this year.

“Aircraft owners with legacy BendixKing attitude indicators such as the KI 256 or KG 258 now have a modern and affordable alternative to these venerable air driven mechanical units, as well an affordable alternative to a replacement Primary Flight Display system with autopilot adapters,” said Justin Ryan, president, BendixKing. “We designed the KI 300 for ease of installation and compatibility with the many thousands of autopilots we have in the field. Additionally, with its internal backup battery, the KI 300 not only provides solid attitude information in the event of an external power failure, it also is an excellent option when replacing any existing standalone attitude indicator. The KI 300, along with our KT 74 ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) compliant transponder and KSN 770 Multifunction Navigator, represent terrific value and are evidence of our continuing commitment to bringing affordable, high quality products to the general aviation fleet.”

About the KI 300
The KI 300 is a self-contained 3” Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems based attitude display that displays aircraft pitch and roll attitudes. Additional features of the KI 300 are:
► Easy installation fits in the existing panel without alteration.
►Replaces existing KI 254/255/256, KG 258/259 attitude indicators and/or KRG 330/331 yaw rate sensors in fixed wing applications.
►Optional mechanical slip indicator.
►Integrated Attitude Reference System and backup battery ensures continued attitude information in the event of external power loss.
►Certification pending as a sole-source 3-axis attitude reference with flight director for KAP 100/150/200 and KFC 150/200/225/250/275 autopilot systems.
►Provides attitude comparison when connected to a second compatible attitude and heading reference systems.
►Does not require the installation of a backup attitude indicator
►Provides pitch and roll stabilization for compatible weather radar systems.
►Programmable for panel tilt.
►11-33 Volts Direct Current input.

Pricing and Availability
The KI 300 will be available through the BendixKing dealer network. Projected MSRP is $ 5,995 as a KI 256 or KG 258 replacement, $ 4,995 as a replacement attitude indicator, and $ 7,995 with the optional Yaw Rate Gyro interface. Product availability is projected to be the fourth quarter 2015. BendixKing will be showcasing the KI 300 and its latest products in its Pavilion #292, located near Hangar B at AirVenture 2015.

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