Aviation Week presents: The World Aviation Database!

The Aviation Week World Aviation Database provides unsurpassed coverage that spans the entire spectrum of the industry – commercial, military, space, business aviation and MRO. As the only online tool of its kind, subscribers have the broadest and most in-depth intelligence right at their fingertips, anytime of the day or night.


35 years component-level Aviation/Electronics repair/Avionics retrofit experience. FCC General Radiotelephone with Ship Radar. Navcom-Audio, Transponder-Pulse-Radar, Autopilot expertise. IT Administration since 1983. Private Pilot since 1986. CAD designer since 1990. FAA Certified Repair Station Chief Inspector since 1994. Started 3 Avionics Shops. College: Business Administration/Marketing. Motorcycle enthusiast. 6 year USAF Veteran, Ground Radio Equipment Technician (30474, E-5). WordPress novice.

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