Aspen Avionics Announces EASA Approval for Airbus Helicopters

06 Mar 2014

Aspen Avionics announced the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approval for installation of Aspen’s EFD1000H Primary Flight Display (PFD) into the Eurocopter 120B under EASA Supplemental Type Certificate 10048141. Motorflug Baden-Baden is currently pursuing FAA and Transport Canada approvals.

The lightweight, compact form factor of Aspen’s helicopter PFD system is a perfect fit for the Eurocopter 120B platform. The EFD1000H PFD is a solid-state electronic flight instrument system which provides a modern alternative to mechanical attitude indicators, directional gyros and horizontal situation indicators. The EASA approval now provides a path for EC120B operators to affordably upgrade their aging mechanical instruments with reliable glass panel technology.

EFD1000H PFD features:

· Airspeed, attitude, altitude, turn rate, slip/skid, magnetic direction and vertical speed

· Available with either slaved directional gyro (DG) or horizontal situation indicator (HSI) functionality

· DG and HSI pilot configurable for either 360 degree or 100 degree arc views

· Map of GPS flight plan may be under laid behind DG or HSI

· HSI version provides full interface with navigation receivers

· Solid-state air data computer and attitude reference system

· Built-in 30 minute backup battery

· Built-in emergency GPS sensor

Click here to learn more about Aspen’s helicopter display systems.

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