Spidertracks give you real-time tracking information for outstanding SAFETY

Spidertracks Offers protection an ELT Cannot

Rapid response:  In aircraft emergencies, survivors rescued quickly have a much greater survival rate. Time is everything.  The biggest problem for rescuers is the size of the search area. With high failure rates for emergency locator transmitters, rescuers often have to search the entire flight path – which can take days.

Spidertracks survives every time:  Spidertracks uses satellite, web and mobile technology to raise the alarm in aircraft emergencies.  Other emergency location systems only work if the locator beacon survives a crash. Spidertracks survives in an accident because the alarm is raised by the website – not the Spider on the plane.

Easy to use:  Spidertracks automatically monitors every flight you make, displaying your tracks on the Aviator website.  Emergency SOS messages are sent within minutes of an accident – firstly to whomever you nominate, then to a second tier of support people, such as rescue services. Just plug the spider in and start tracking. When you land simply push a button to cancel Spiderwatch active monitoring. 


35 years component-level Aviation/Electronics repair/Avionics retrofit experience. FCC General Radiotelephone with Ship Radar. Navcom-Audio, Transponder-Pulse-Radar, Autopilot expertise. IT Administration since 1983. Private Pilot since 1986. CAD designer since 1990. FAA Certified Repair Station Chief Inspector since 1994. Started 3 Avionics Shops. College: Business Administration/Marketing. Motorcycle enthusiast. 6 year USAF Veteran, Ground Radio Equipment Technician (30474, E-5). WordPress novice.

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