October 22, 2014

Configuration Information for ADS-B Out Compliance, G1000 King Air


STC SA01535WI-D (see Approval section for details)


This letter is applicable to Beechcraft model 200/B200/300/B300 series King Air aircraft with G1000/GFC 700 installed per Garmin STC SA01535WI-D and with the following items:

• Software Version 0985.07

• GTX 33/33D transponders


Identify and correct a configuration error affecting ADS-B Out compliance.


The GPS Source Integrity Level (SIL) configuration setting indicates the integrity of the GPS sensor connected to the transponder. A setting of 1E-7 is required in order to meet the performance requirements specified in 14 CFR 91.227. With software version 0985.07, the system meets the 1E-7 requirements; however, software version 0985.07 (p/n 006-B0985-07) does not configure the GTX 33/33D transponders correctly. The GTX 3000 transponders are configured correctly and no changes in configuration are needed.

If the GPS Source Integrity Level is not set properly, the FAA may provide the aircraft owner/operator an

ADS-B Aircraft Operation Compliance Report indicating SIL with 100% failure as shown in Figure 1.

The GPS Source Integrity Level for the GTX 33/33D will be configured correctly in future software versions, 0985.08 and later.


Figure 1: ADS-B Report – SIL


Recommended: Garmin recommends the incorporation of this STC Service Bulletin at the next scheduled service interval or before April 30, 2015 (see Warranty Information section). Prior to software version 0985.08 becoming available, new installations using software version 0985.07 should incorporate this STC Service Bulletin at the time of installation.

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