GARMIN SERVICE BULLETIN,,NO.: 1461 Rev – A GNS 400W/500W Series

November 24, 2014

GNS 400W/500W Series Software Upgrade to Main Software Version 5.20



Model Appliance P/N
GPS 400W 011-01057-( )
GNC 420W 011-01058-( )
GNC 420AW 011-01059-( )
GNS 430W 011-01060-( )
GNS 430AW 011-01061-( )
GPS 500W 011-01062-( )
GPS 500W TAWS 011-01063-( )
GNS 530W 011-01064-( )
GNS 530W TAWS 011-01065-( )
GNS 530AW 011-01066-( )
GNS 530AW TAWS 011-01067-( )


GNS 400W/500W Series main software version 5.20 includes the following changes:

• Added support for Garmin Flight Stream 210, providing data including flight plan (input/output) and GPS position to mobile devices over Bluetooth.
• Added support for the Vivisun tri-state HTAWS external annunciator to differentiate between the “HTAWS N/A” and “Pilot Inhibit” annunciations.
• Adjusted the width of the HTAWS Reduced Protection mode search volume to reduce nuisance alerts.
• Changed the behavior of the GDL 88 Traffic page on helicopter configurations so that the display becomes unavailable—ADS traffic targets are not displayed—when heading is invalid and ground speed is below 15 knots
• Resolved an issue affecting the Fuel On Board setting for configurations where fuel flow is provided by an external device but Fuel On Board is not.


This service bulletin describes the process for upgrading GNS 400W/500W Series units to main software version 5.20.




TSO Authorization does not provide installation airworthiness approval. Separate installation airworthiness approval is required for type certified aircraft. Notification of revision to Garmin’s STC(s) will be provided under a separate service bulletin.

The GNS 400W/500W Series main software version 5.20 complies with applicable Federal Aviation Regulations and is FAA approved under TSOA for design approval. The software change is a minor TSO change.


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