Garmin Service Advisory SA1208 (a) GTN 7XX, GMX 200 and MX20 Units’ Own-ship Depiction on Charts Page


Many charts include a “not to scale” or an “off scale” area depicted on chart overlays by either a solid black or segmented black line. Anything depicted in the “not to scale” or “off scale” area of the chart is not displayed relative to the rest of the geographical/feature information on the chart or Map Page. An example is shown in Figure 1.

To communicate additional information regarding own-ship position indications for the Garmin products listed in the Products Affected section below.

GTN 7XX Units with Main Software Version 2.00 and Jeppesen Chartview
GMX 200 Units with Main Software Version 2.13 or earlier, and Jeppesen Chartview MX20 Units (all Main software versions) and Jeppesen Chartview

Pilots should be aware that “not to scale” or “off scale” chart areas are not in the correct geographical location relative to the rest of the geographical features on the chart or on the Map Page.

Note: GTN 7XX Software Version’s 3.00 and later remove the “not to scale” and “off scale” areas from the chart. Refer to SSB 1236 for installation instructions in upgrading to GTN 7XX Software Version 3.00; compliance with SSB 1236 will correct this issue.

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