FAA Safety has WINGS Tools for Pilots and Instructors

Notice Number: NOTC2858
Two New Tools for the WINGS Program
We are excited to announce that the long awaited WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program Advisory Circular is finally available. We invite you to take a look!  AC61-91J not only explains the WINGS Program, it also reaffirms the ability for Flight Instructors to renew their flight instructor certificate by participating in the WINGS Program.  The recently approved AC is available at THIS LINK on the main FAA web site, but we have conveniently placed a link to it in the WINGS Portal on the Home page of FAASafety.gov.
Every flight instructor should have a copy in his or her flight bag, so that questions posed by pilots about the WINGS Program can be answered authoritatively. (A typographical error was made in the AC, so please make a pen and ink change to subparagraph 6e(4), where it now says “subparagraph 6d(3)”; it should say “subparagraph 6e(3)”.)
In addition, we have prepared a WINGS User’s Guide that explains how to use the WINGS Program on FAASafety.gov. This, too, is available from a link in the WINGS Portal on the Home page at FAASafety.gov. Contained within this User’s Guide is a complete section, “Especially for Instructors.” Click here for your copy.
Both of these tools are also available through links located on every pilot’s individual My WINGS page on FAASafety.gov.
Questions or comments can be addressed to Airman@FAASafety.gov


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