BendixKing Announces New Certified ADS-B Solutions for General Aviation with KGX 150/130

July 28, 2014
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — BendixKing has increased its offerings of affordable certified Automatic Dependent Surveillance –Broadcast (ADS-B) solutions with the introduction of the BendixKing KGX 150/130 Series ADS-B Transceivers and Receivers.

The KGX 150 series Transceiver is a certified and affordable ADS-B solution for flights below 18,000 feet offering an integrated Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) GPS with optional wireless capability to display traffic and weather on a tablet. The KGX 130 Transceiver offers the same capabilities as the KGX 150, but without the WAAS GPS. It is designed for aircraft that are already equipped with a compatible ADS-B compliant WAAS GPS solution. The KGX 150 and 130 Receivers give pilots a low cost certified solution to receive traffic and weather into the cockpit.

“BendixKing continues to stand behind its promise to lower the cost of ADS-B compliancy and deliver cost effective avionics, relevant to the pilot’s needs,” said BendixKing President Kevin Gould.

The KGX series offers more value and flexible configurations ranging in list price from $1,489 to $4,069. An optional wireless interface for traffic and weather is available for $349. The KGX 150/130 includes the following features:

• ADS-B In/Out capability
• KGX 150 includes a high integrity WAAS GPS
• Can be paired with existing transponders
• Display on compatible panel MFD or iPad via optional Wi-Fi module
• Compliant with FAA ADS-B mandate
Roger Dykmann, director of Product Management at BendixKing said, “Designed to maximize inside-the-cockpit configuration flexibility and outside-the-cockpit situational awareness, the KGX ADS-B wired and wireless solutions will integrate into the cockpit, the way the pilot wants to fly the aircraft.”

As an introductory offer, a special trade-in program for older BendixKing transponders toward the purchase of the KGX150/130 is available through the BendixKing Trade-Up Program.

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