Aspen Avionics updates dealers with Memo and new Documents

Dealer Memo New Document Releases & Updates

EA100 Autopilot Adapter v1.0.2 and Service Bulletin 2010-11 / TN2010-10

Based on customer feedback, we have identified an issue that may cause nuisance pitch or roll oscillations around the null points in some EA100 adapter installations….contact us for more information
EA100 Autopilot Adapter with C3 EFDs with software vB2.2.3 and TN2011-02
The EA100 may now be connected to an EFD1000C3 Primary Flight Display (PFD) when only one EFD1000 is installed in the aircraft…contact us for more information
EFD1000 Approved as a Mode C Encoder Source and TN2011-03
The EFD1000 and EFD1000H (all part numbers and all software levels) are now eligible to be used as the encoding altitude source for altitude reporting equipment operated under 14CFR 91.217.  Only transponders that accept altitude in RS232 serial data format are us for more information.
v2.2.3 Upgrade for EFD1000/500 series (non-Aspen AML-STC) and *SB2011-01The purpose of this Service Bulletin is to inform holders of separate STC and Field Approvals for the Aspen EFD1000/500 systems of minor software updates for the Aspen software version 2.X EFD1000 and EFD1000H system, and the procedures to load the software.  *This Service Bulletin does not apply to aircraft modified IAW Aspen Avionics AML-STC SA10822SC.
Updated Documents 
Ø  Service Bulletin SB2010-10 revA Field Upgrade v2.X to v2.2.3

Ø  TechNote 2009-09 revB EFD1000 Air Data Calibration compatibility with v2.2.3

Ø  TechNote 2009-08 revA Unlocking Traffic/Weather on Pro PFDs compatibility with v2.2.3

Ø  TechNote 2010-08 revB Pitot Obstruction Monitor Timing compatibility with v2.2.3


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